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When you’re a kid, dumb brave is playing chicken with your parents’ new car, or jumping off bridges with the locals you met on vacation. Smart brave is experimenting to see just how high that toy rocket can go. It’s confronting space, the ultimate unknown, in order to reveal its secrets. It’s taking a chance on the impossible when others are too afraid to even try. Dumb brave is a reckless refusal to think ahead. Smart brave is reckless for a reason, a refusal to take no for an answer, even when that no is coming from physics itself.

Space Camp is the domain of the smart brave, the beginning of a life dedicated to taking the good kind of risks.


To conceptualize Smart Brave, our campaign played with the dichotomy between Space Camp's world changing potential and the activities of an average summer camp. In the domain of the Smart Brave, every activity is grounded in purpose.

Digital Video: Dumb Brave vs. Smart Brave

Extension: Pen Pals in Space

Website Redesign

We were inspired by the aesthetics of both space food packaging and retro-futuristic video game culture for a full website redesign that focuses on the Smart Brave elements and activities of the Space Camp brand.