A Podcast

Not a Huge Fan
For four years I co-hosted a podcast called Not a Huge Fan with my best frenemy Charles Disney. We were named a top podcast of 2017 by a Dutch newspaper.

Some standout episodes: Gimlet Whimper FryBurning ManGay Pornstar Philosopher, Disgraced Food Network Host, Real Estate Bro, Nazi Puncher, Alt Right Intellectual, Ethical Satanist, Homeless Advocate, Rabid Marxist, and all the Annoying LA Comedians you can handle.

One UK fan described it as “Far Future Digital Archaelogist PhD Thesis Material.”

A Press

Vandal Press
I co-founded Vandal Press, a new sort of publication built on micropayments platforms. We generated close to one million hits and made thousands of dollars for our independent writers.