My role: Copywriter. Wrote manifesto and all copy and concepts.

Just because you can change the world, doesn’t mean you should. My generation still wants to make our marks, but not if it means damaging the planet. When you can save your art to the cloud, why carve up a tree?

MTN Water-Based is a paint designed for our time. It’s not meant to be permanent on the wall, in the air, or in your lungs. It’s a muse for a new kind of artist, one who embraces the fact that nothing lasts forever; that art is about the act of creation, not the result.

Imagine a city that wants its busses to be covered in graffiti.

We’ll play up the impermanence of MTN by having street artists paint a city bus in the morning, then capturing people’s reactions as it travels around all day. 

Just before it parks for the night, the bus has its nightly washing. Since the artist used MTN Water Based, all to their hard work is easily washed away with in minutes. The artist is elated. The video is the art, not the painting.
BLU PARTNERSHIP: Fighting the Commercialization of Street Art

Notorious Italian street artist Blu records himself painting stories on walls, then shares stop-motion videos with his 200k YouTube followers. The catch? He paints over his work before art dealers can remove the walls and sell them. His only problem is that often he can’t paint over his work fast enough. It becomes commercialized against his will.

With the MTN water-based spray paint, he can immediately erase his work, which is why we’re giving him a lifetime supply. By ensuring that his masterpieces are ephemeral, he preserves them as owned by the public and the public alone. His videos can now include both the story of creation, and the story of washing it away.

Los Angeles, Calif.