My role: Copywriter. Wrote manifesto and all copy and concepts.

I loved the way the Saatchi and Saatchi’s “It’s a Tide Ad” Super Bowl ad skewered TV commerical tropes. I was inspired to think about how you could extend the campaign to social media. Just like TV, Instagram now has its own set of familiar tropes and each of them could and should be ‘tide-ified’.

Welcome to “It’s A Tide #Ad.”

Coffee Porn

Make Up Tutorial
Unboxing Video 
Instagram Museum
Other Examples

Lifestyle Flatlay
It looks like a perfectly laid out flatlay of a hipster's camping gear, but nope it's a tide ad...when you look closer you realize all the items in the flat lay are dirty laundry, with a Tide bottle in the corner.

Wall Wings
We’re all familiar with those colorful wings painted on walls that people still can somehow not resist posing in front of. Upon closer look, the wings are made of Tide.

Overhead Recipe Video
These “Tasty” style videos all look the same, disembodied hands and ingredients appears from nowhere. We’ll set up an incredibly elaborate recipe only to have it spill near the end because….it’s a Tide Ad.

Amazing how streetwear influencers always manage to be photographed candidly while walking down the street. We’ll have David Harbour ish influencers step out in their flyest streetwear...then step in a puddle because dirty streetwear needs Tide.

Los Angeles, Calif.