Breast Cancer Index - “Gain some herspective”

Breast cancer survivors often find themselves struggling with a whole new disease: severe side effects from anti-estrogen therapy prescribed for 5-10 years after initial treatment.

The catch? 95% of them don’t benefit from extended anti-estrogen therapy. Breast Cancer Index is Hologic’s genomic test that separates the 95% from the 5%.

HCP’s are slow to change their ways, however, so my team built social, experiential, and digital campaigns empowering patients to speak up, and encouraging HCP’s to finally get some herspective.

To re-launch Hologic’s newly acquired genomic breast cancer test Breast Cancer Index, my team created a 360° campaign including social, digital video, print, experiential, editorial, a new website, and an original game app for HCPs called Hot Flash.

For brand video, we animated real patient Facebook comments on from our viral BCI social ads, showing (not telling) HCPs how real women are impacted by anti-estrogen side effects in their own words.

Data Visualization

HOT FLASH: A Game of Endocrine Side Effects


Print, Social, and Experiential (including cookies!)

Our booth at SABCS with Hot Flash, data viz, social comments animation, and gain some herspective messaging.