Nobody Hates Kendrick Lamar

I was a masthead columnist for three years with LA Weekly. This controversial piece went hyper-viral and was easily one of my most read articles.

Nobody Hates Kendrick Lamar - By Isaac Simpson(LA Weekly): When Kanye West compares himself to past greats, he gets taken to task for it. When he compared himself to John Lennon at Bonnaroo, he got booed. When he compared himself to God, well, we all remember how that went over. There’s a snarky listicle on Huffington Post titled “18 People Kanye West Has Compared Himself To.”

That’s because Kanye scares people. He pisses people off, as any real rebel must.

When Kendrick Lamar compares himself to past greats — to Nelson Mandela, for example, or to Tupac, as he does so blatantly on To Pimp a Butterfly — he gets a pass…

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