LA Weekly

As a masthead columnist for LA Weekly for two years, I told the complicated story of Los Angeles from many different angles. I jumped off cliffs, climbed under bridges, and snuck into grave sites. I interviewed rappers (Chief Keef), tech CEOS (Hans Yang), councilmen (Jose Huizar), street artists (Plastic Jesus) real estate moguls (Jonathan Schley), models (Permaid), restauranteurs (Tyler Wells), and the Mayor of Skid Row (General Jeff).  I directed a short documentary, shot a photo essay, wrote silly listicles tweeted by the thousands and serious longform articles taught at USC.

Here's some of my favorites.


I wrote and shot large parts of the Weekly's trademark "Best of LA" series for 2014 and 2015. Click below to see some of my clips.


I directed and produced a short documentary about Downtown Los Angeles.

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