During my tenure as senior content editor at Breakout, our guerrilla content was designed to seep onto social and earned media and generate serious buzz. It did just that.

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Breakout is one of those companies that's so ahead of its time that it's hard to explain in one sentence, but here's a shot. A traveling social impact club for Millennial entrepreneurs and influencers. The founders brought me in write copy and lead content strategy.

I created longform and short form content, as well as writing original articles and press releases that lead to coverage in Entrepreneur, Adweek, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, and Crain's, and decks that lead to sponsorships from Delta, Mailchimp, Dentons, and Shinola. 


I conducted a series of interviews with prominent "Breakers," special members who have undergone major transitions in their careers and/or lives. I strived to unearth the unique motivation at the core of each interviewee. The ongoing series now includes well over 50 pieces.

These highly-shareable, in-depth interviews increased site traffic by 50x.  They consistently create major waves through social media, being shared by the influencers themselves and their families and friends. 

Here's a few of my favorites.

The pieces went out in newsletter form as well as on Facebook, with clips to Instagram. We increased Facebook followers by 1000%, Instagram by 2000%, and created a Mailchimp newsletter that averages twice to three times the average open rate.


We also rolled out a constant stream of video, flyers, and other bits of content to promote events, meet-ups, and our stories.