Why I left law and wrote this book...

Like most of my law school classmates, I was a hyper-ambitious narcissist with no concrete plans for achieving the greatness to which I was entitled.  I worked hard, made Law Review, and landed a summer internship at a top American firm in Vietnam.

Four months later, I found myself imprisoned in my old self.  Cite-checking 100 page legal articles in a freezing, fluorescent box, I realized that something in me had changed.  It sounds cliche, but I was one person before I left and a different person when I returned.

Philosophy and Fucking in Vietnam by Isaac Simpson

For better or worse, the insane experience of that summer set me on the path to doing what I love to do. My journey from lawyer to writer began in Vietnam.

A cross between Confessions of an Economic Hitman and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Philosophy and Fucking in Vietnam is a sex-and-drugs soaked exploration of masculinity, socialism, and the meaning of freedom in contemporary life. In the burgeoning economy of modern day Saigon, expat men from the United States and other Western countries are living like the rich and famous in their home countries. The author, a young American lawyer-in-training, falls face first into this hedonistic world, and manages to achieve the life he's always dreamed all for the price of a plane ticket. Or so he thinks... Equal parts gritty travel memoir and coming-of-age parable, Philosophy and Fucking in Vietnam is an unapologetic snapshot of a unique and under-explored place and time.